Frantz Loriot viola

Hugues Vincent cello



10 years ago, in 2002, the duo "Bobun" was created in Orléans (France) at the "Nautre Festival" (festival to support the venue MJC-Moulin de la Vapeur).

Since then, the duo played in different countries (USA, Japan, Europe), venues and festivals (Festival Elixir, Festival Loches en Jazz, le Petit Faucheux, Radio France, Radio Campus Orléans, WMP Concert Hall in New York, Urban Guild in Kyoto, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa  etc ...).

Bobun’s music is completely improvised.

The duo appreciates meetings and collaborated with Kita Naoki (vln), Hachiya Maki (voice), Isohata Shin’Ichi (guitar), Naka Takuji (sax/electronics), Ryotaro (accordeon), Akito Sengoku (projectors), Ono Ryoko (saxophones), Usui Yasushiro (guitar), Kijima Rina (vln), Muto Hiroyuki (electronics), Shimada Hideaki (vln), Ota Masahiko (guitar), Shintaro Takasugi (contrabass), Maresuke Okamoto (double bass), Kawai Takuji (piano), Sean Ali (double bass), Pascal Niggenkemper (contrabass), Yukari Watanabe (flute), Jonathan Moritz (saxophones), Ianik Tallet (drums), Nasuo Mitsuru (electric bass), Polo (laptop), Pascal Maupeu (guitar), Jean-Luc Cappozzo (trumpet), Loran Brunet (saxophones & flutes), Cyprien Busolini (viola), Claude Tchamitchian (double bass) or Collectif Insit-U in Paris…

In october 2005, contrabassist Joëlle Léandre invited both of them to be part of her improvised string ensemble and to preform at Radio France with Theresa Wong (cello/USA), Deborah Walker (cello/IT) and Quentin Sirjaqc (piano/F).

Bobun contributed to projects with mime, contemporary dance (Cie Un Instant, the japanese dancer Saïko Kino, they collaborated and recorded for the cotemporary dance show "Mes mains se souviennent" by Claire De Monclin, Gabriel Debray & Thierry Dufourmantelle) and storytellers.

Hugues and Frantz have played together in other bands such as Bolitz (acousmatic/electronic music, with Polo & Vincent Laubeuf) & the ska-rock band le Pélican Frisé...

Today, they also have a trio called Ganjin with japanese drummer Yuko Oshima.