Frantz Loriot viola

Denman Maroney hyperpiano


Denman Maroney (hyperpiano, US) and Frantz Loriot (viola and objects, FR), create, develop and perform improvised music that exploits and entwines their complimentary vocabularies of extendend instrumental techniques.

They share the views that all sound is potentially musical, any ‘‘effect’’ must be musically justified, and all parameters (register, duration, dynamics, density, timbre and envelope as well as melody, harmony and rythm) are equally important. They find similar and synergistic ways to use these ideas to make music together.

Maroney’s ‘‘hyperpiano’’ technique, as he calls it, involves playing the keys while bowing and/or sliding the associated strings with copper bars, steel cylinders, brass bowls, plastic CD and cassette casses, wood dowels and rubber blocks. Each technique, tool and material produces a different color and shape. He has been honing and interleaving these techniques for over forty years.

Loriot’s techniques include bowing with heavy pressure on the strings or box, rubbing or striking with his hands and fingers, applying the wood of the bow to the neck or head and preparing the strings with chopsticks, as well as the moreestablished techniques of col legno, sul ponte, ponticello, harmonics, sub-harmonics, snap pizz, etc. He also bows and otherwise excites a variety of objects like metal plates, cymbals and bowls.

Maroney and Loriot met for the first time in 2007 in New York. Since then, they regulary meet to develop their common language.