ViolaTwoViola released 2 records:

‘’Un bel éclair qui durerait’’ a collaboration with painter and scientist Jacques Mandelbrojt, edited on Derrière la vitre (

and ‘Viola Two Viola’ edited on Creative Sources Recordings (

Their music is rich and varied, made of long straights and tight corners. It goes from long tones in rapid succession, with a rain shimmering harmonics, friction on the rope or wood, like a breath at the limit of the audible. Sometimes a note is hold in two, gradually evolving towards apotheosis squeaks in shrill, and pops plucked from hitting the button.


Sometimes one is quiet, but it is to play silence and the music is still the duo, sign of mutual trust between the two musicians. Accordingly probably to a long process, the order of the improvisation that pushes its limits, opening up a dialectic between the one hand a language that is built with practice (can we then still speak of improvisation, although nothing is planned in advance?), and secondly, the unknown, the personal novelty exploration and encounters outside the duo lead in, to enrich it.

Sébastien Branche

About the musicians:


Frantz LORIOT:

Some past concerts… from 2006 until today:

- Seismogram, Zürich (Switzerland)

- Radio France, Paris (France)

- Les Instants Chavirés, Montreuil (France)

- Vaudeville Park, Brooklyn - New York (USA)

- Ackenbush, Malakoff (France)

- La Fabrica'son, Malakoff (France)

- Violinale Berlin Festival, Berlin (Germany)

- Dienstgebäude, Zürich (Switzerland)

- Mullbau, Lucerne (Switzerland)

- Olympic café, Paris (France)

- Naxos Bobine, Paris (France)

- Nová-síñ, Prague (Czech Republic)

- Radio Campus, Orléans (France)

- Festival Elixir, Paris (France)

Sounds & Images

Cyprien Busolini viola

Frantz Loriot viola


This duo is born from the desire to confront our own universe played with the same instrument, the viola. Timbre and sound material are central to our work, although we’re coming from a tradition of bow instruments, we do not hesitate to open our sound field.


©Peter Gannushkin