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Frantz Loriot viola

Raphael Loher piano

Carl Ludwig Hübsch tuba

Carlo Costa drums


Diaphane is a collective quartet featuring violist Frantz Loriot (Zurich), pianist Raphael Loher (Lucerne), tubist Carl Ludwig Hübsch (Cologne) and percussionist Carlo Costa (New York). 

Diaphane’s music ranges from quiet minimalism to dense, colorful tapestries of sound. The quartet makes use of a wide range of techniques, preparations and supplemental objects or to access a wide array of timbres and create intricate yet transparent textures. Although fully improvised in their music structures and forms often arise. Central to their music are deep listening, patience, placement and precision.

The band was initially assembled by Frantz Loriot in December 2018 while he was artist in residence at Moods in Zurich. The quartet has since toured in central Europe in 2019 and 2021. In the fall of 2021 Diaphane’s first album, Paris, was released on Neither/Nor Records.


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Photo by Théo Zimmermann


Press quotes

“Two quartets will play on the third evening of the Experimentale. Diaphane, a collective quartet, is the first group to play. Frantz Loriot from Zurich on viola, Raphael Loher from Lucerne on piano, Carl Ludwig Hübsch from Cologne on tuba and Carlo Costa from New York on drums. The musicians work with extended techniques on all instruments (...). All the musicians produce unusual and surprising sounds on their instruments. The musicians begin with very delicate filigree sounds, quiet tones that demand the listener's full attention and draw them completely into the music. These minimalist structures slowly form a dense tapestry of sound in which the music plays faster and faster. Then they let the sound die down again and branch out finely. When there is a short break, the audience applauds because it sounds like the end. But Diaphane then continues to play and an explosive noise sound develops. A really wild end to a very exciting and subtle concert, a highlight of the Experimentale!”

(NRW Jazz)

“Another fine addition to this splendid label’s discography and a top-notch example of intense, collaborative, and intelligent improvisation.”

(The Sound Projector review of Paris)


“It is often clear who is doing what, but sometimes this isn't easy to identify. This sometimes evokes the experience of the music is one organic whole, one undivided movement where it is absolutely not relevant anymore to register who is doing what. Although the pleasure of listening to this (and any) kind of improvisation is also to experience the high communicative level reached, which certainly counts for this excellent recording. The vibrant improvisations continue in a very natural flow and are very lively. Fragile and full of details on the one hand, very focused and together on the other. There is much to be observed and to be enjoyed in these multi-coloured and strongly interconnected improvisations. A joy!”

(Vital Weekly review of Paris)


“From the start they take the listener on a fascinating 36 minute journey of musical surprises. Regardless of the instruments used, all sounds are fresh, unexpected, and - like often in Costa's music - they have an organic or natural quality. Loriot and Costa have performed and recorded often before, and the match with the two other musicians is perfect. Carl Ludwig Hübsch's tuba is not only a fantastic addition to the ensemble, but his view on the flow and continuity of the development of musical narratives is really close to what the label has produced so far. Raphael Loher we did not know, and his piano work is a real discovery.” (Free Jazz Blog review of Paris)

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