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Frantz Loriot viola

Cédric Piromalli piano


Mikko Innanen saxophones

Christian Weber double bass

Brad Henkel trumpet

Sam Kulik trombone



Treffpunkt means Meeting Point in German. This project was initiated by French violist Frantz Loriot and pianist Cédric Piromalli. Their idea was to create a musical meeting point by the use of improvisation inviting musicians of different nationalities and different backgrounds to join them to create a commun sound.

The initial Treffpunkt was created in December 2013 with Finnish reeds player Mikko INNANEN, Frantz LORIOT on viola, Cédric PIROMALLI on piano and Swiss double bassist Christian WEBER.

It was recorded for Anne Montaron’s show ‘’À l’improviste’’ during the Superflux festival in Tours (France) in December 2013.

To hear it : here



In 2015, Frantz and Cédric invited Americans brass players Sam KULIK (trombone) and Brad HENKEL (trumpet). The band was called for this occasion Kaijō, which means treffpunkt in Japanese.



For the summer 2016, Frantz Loriot got invited by the prestigious Météo - Mulhouse Music festival (France) to be Artist in Residence for a new creation. For this occasion, Frantz decided to put together a third version called

Der Verboten, with Cédric of course, but also with Swiss saxophonist, noise performer and composer Antoine Chessex and the percussionist Christian Wolfarth. Untill now, the ensembles always played acoustic.

The challenge of this edition will be to mix and pass from acoustic to amplified sounds. 

This specific creation will be called der dritte Treffpunkt.

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